still Christmas

Today, finally, everyone is back to work and school and I am back to a full juggling schedule and yet Christmas is still here under the Big Top! Well, at least the decor is still here.

Aren’t there supposed to be elves or fairies or unicorns that are supposed to be taking this stuff down and packing it all away for another Christmas season to come? Oh wait. That would be me, myself and I…the same elves and fairies and unicorns who put up all of this Christmas crazy…and to think that I didn’t put it all up because of toddling grandbabies eager to check out old, treasured breakables and the fact that there seemed to be no clowns willing to help out with the holiday trimming of this circus tent. Of course they totally noticed that not all the Christmas crazy was out and on display and they sure did complain comment about it explaining that they didn’t offer to help because they know how much I love doing all the decorating…it must be because I am some kind of Christmas decorating elf, fairy or unicorn.


Um, no.

And so now Christmas still remains here under the Big Top because while the majority of this circus act has enjoyed a great holiday break off from school and extended 4-5 day weekends off for Christmas and New Year’s they certainly couldn’t help take down and pack this stuff away…because that is something the elves and fairies and unicorns do.


I wonder how long I can leave all of this stuff up before someone notices or complains or…dare I dare to dream?…offer to help pack up and put Christmas away.


2 thoughts on “still Christmas

  1. I still have all of my inside decorations up and I’m keeping them up until 31st. My daughters birthday:)

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