more eleventh birthday done right

Work, sleep, sick family members and now poor, sick, little ol’ me have kept me from editing and posting more of Daniel’s amazing eleventh birthday celebration. But I have to share…and I know you want to see the fruition of all of my pinning Harry Potter-related shit on Pinterest and putting heads together with my crafty, creative daughter to make sure that Daniel enjoyed the best eleventh birthday everrrr.

Sure he had to share his celebration with the Dancing with the Dance Stars event and a few hundred people he did not know…but why not? The more the merrier, right?

As long as everyone understood what we were celebrating at our table…the birthday party table.

All this for our young wizard and more…

Because it wasn’t just all about the birthday boy. Oh no! There was dancing because this was Dancing with the Dance Stars.

So the birthday boy danced with his big sister, Jodie, the Dance Star…

Can I just take a moment to say how proud I am of my incredibly talented dancing daughter for patiently working with her little brother teaching him all the moves so that he would shine on the stage?

I can!

Thank you!

Daniel and Jodie rocked it paying tribute to boy bands from NKOTB to Backstreet Boys to NSYNC to One Direction.

Hazel and her BFF got in on the act too.

as did the rest of the Dance Stars competition team…because this was Dancing with the Dance Stars.

Dance Stars all of them.

They could have danced all night…especially the birthday boy because this was an eleventh birthday done right.




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