evidence of parental failure

At last week’s parent-student meeting for the Leadership Inauguration trip, Mr. C. carefully reviewed the students’ travel itinerary. First stop he excitedly shared is visiting and running up the “Rocky steps”… blank expressions register on all the faces of the students.

“No one knows what I’m talking about?


Heads shaking

Silence from the students

I turn around and half-whisper to Jodie, “You’ve seen Rocky!

No, Mom.“, she hisses back.

Oh dear. I broke the sixteen year old/parent relationship rule. I spoke directly to her in front of her peers AND her teacher in a classroom setting.

Mr. C doesn’t seem to notice as he continues to explain the scene from Rocky when Rocky Balboa triumphantly runs up the steps leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It’s one of those cultural iconic moments that you just have to experience.” he explains… and the view is pretty cool too. I’m thinking the kids are more focused on the next stop after the Rocky steps, breakfast at The Hard Rock Cafe.

As for me, I feel like we have failed as parents. How did we not sit down with our kid and watch Rocky? My darling husband agrees with me when I tell him later. Yup! We failed.

Then this morning I woke up to this picture message.

Good morning Philadelphia!

I bet it was even better than the movie.




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  1. Well I never saw any of the Rocky movies and I am not sure if any of my kids did either! 🙂

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