her moment

There is a moment in your lifetime few ordinary folks are privileged to have and it is a moment that you will never, ever forget…the moment where you get to be close to the President of the United States…even if you don’t really like the POTUS, you still never forget that moment. I discovered that truth when a friend of mine shared her moment earlier this year on Facebook and everyone, including me, shared our own personal moment. I actually shook hands with then Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter.

Knowing that the main purpose of Jodie’s trip to D.C. this week is to attend the public Inaugural Ceremony for President Barack Obama (you all know that he has already taken the oath today, right?), that she would definitely have her moment. But it turns out that her moment was today at Arlington National Cemetery.

This morning’s text message: WE WERE JUST FIFTEEN FEET FROM OBAMA!!!


3 thoughts on “her moment

  1. Awesome!!

    My moment was in a convenience store in Nashville where I ran in to get a diet Coke before going to work in the reservations office at Opryland Hotel. There was a guy who’d been running next to me at the cooler picking out juice…and a couple of other guys pretending to look at stuff close by (I only realized they were pretending after). It hit me when I got back into my car I’d been at the cooler next to Bill Clinton. *headdesk*

  2. That is so stinkin’ cool! I am so impressed, and jealous! So glad she is having such a great experience.

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