a tale of three trees

This week, finally, our Christmas wreath has been taken off the front door. The garland and lights that decked our staircase and fireplace mantle have been removed. The ornaments, stocking, candles, mistletoe and all other Christmas treasures that we have collected over the years have all been carefully packed up and put away. All except for three bare trees. Which brings to mind the question: if a Christmas tree, or two or more stands naked and bare under the Big Top  the end of January will anyone notice?

The answer is no.

Well, at least anyone who lives here under the Big Top won’t notice. At least they have not commented on this. No “gee, it looks so empty and bare without all the Christmas decorations” or “wow, mom, you put away all the Christmas decorations” or even “so when are ‘WE’ going to take down and put away the Christmas trees?” Of course no circus clown of mine would wonder when are “WE” going to take down the Christmas trees because my circus act seems to believe that it is elves and fairies and unicorns who, every December without fail, unpack and put up all the Christmas crazy for this circus’ enjoyment. And then, once the New Year has been rung in, the magical elves and fairies and unicorns come back to carefully pack away all the Christmas crazy.

It’s a wonderful thing really.

Not really.

At least the elves and fairies and unicorns…I…don’t think so.

So three Christmas trees remain here under the Big Top and no one seems to notice nor care. Somehow that seems to make these bare trees look all the more sad to me.


2 thoughts on “a tale of three trees

  1. Put hearts on the trees for Valentines day and February is heart month! Wonder if anyone would notice? 🙂

  2. Ha proof that mama’s and daughter’s think the same. I was going to suggest heart’s as well.

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