of pinstrosities and other crimes against humanity

You know, there is only so much shit one can pin on Pinterest before one must actually do something about all those pins. Wear it, make it, eat it, drink it, do it. Please, do it…or you are just wasting time pinning way too much useless stuff.

And sometimes a girl just needs to enjoy a night with other girls, her sisters and daughters in arms. Let the guys howl at the moon.

The ladies gathered at the Jacqueiros Mansion wearing, making, eating and drinking that which they all have been pinning up on PInterest.

We arrived with yummy salads, cheesy pretzels, booze-y chocolate dipped and filled peppers, sangrias and other drinks (all recipes we discovered on Pinterest) ready to craft some craft ideas pinned on some of our Pinterest boards.

I came armed with the booze-y, chocolate-ly peppers and the spiced rum that they soaked in. Seriously yum with a spicy kick. More on that later.

There was so much yumminess. It’s a good thing I run, I’m just saying.

And there was so much craftiness…and stories shared…and laughter…and love…

and a few Pinstrosities…followed by even more laughter.

And once the girl-children were all tucked into bed, it was time to really let our hair down, enjoy some more wine, sangria or (for the brave) the booze-y, chocolate-ly peppers and play Cards Against Humanity.

Oh dear!




And yes, one of the best nights shared with family and friends this year.

And what have YOU been doing with the shit you have been pinning on Pinterest?




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