dance moms problems

If it’s February, it is the start of another dance competition season. Yes, that means there is a whole lot of crazy going on…and drama…and tears…and stress…and fevers…and coughs…and colds…and bloodied fingers…and…

OMG! What else can freakin’ happen?!

In theater we used to call this Hell Week.

My hell is the last minute alterations on Jodie’s costumes. The sewing on of straps, snaps, hooks and eyes. It’s a sad, sad thing that even the simplest of sewing tasks like those I struggle with…me, the daughter of a professional seamstress, who never had the patience nor the time to teach me even the simplest of sewing.tasks…not that I ever had the patience or the time to try and learn if she were to sit down and offer instruction. Just know that I got an A on my 8th grade sewing project.

Thanks Mom!

Thank goodness there were only two costumes that needed a little bit of stitching.

Jodie and (OMG!!) Hazel’s first dance competition is this weekend!