overheard at the dance competition #209

“Why are those little kids in the dance down?” – huffs a random overly made up dance mom as she rolls her eyes.

“My little girl is right there up on that stage in the dance down.” – my daughter pointing out her little girl, Hazel Faye.

Be careful judge-y (dance) moms what you say about other moms kids. You never know, that kid’s mom might be standing right next to you.

Talk about your awkward.

Our dance studio’s policy is every member of the competition team participates in any competition’s dance down where dancers are crowded onto a stage and must learn a routine, new to them, in a matter of minutes and then dance said routine impressing the judges with their dancing skills and ability to learn said routine in a matter of minutes. The kids’ dance coach believes that it is a good experience for her dancers. They learn how to quickly pick up choreography, how to present themselves in front of the panel of judges and they build up confidence in their own selves and their abilities…whether they are on stage at a Broadway cattle call or someday, no where near a stage, in front of a college recruiter or at a job interview...in a safe, encouraging environment where everyone  is applauded and encouraged and given recognition for their efforts.

This is why, dance mom with way too much makeup and teased out hair. But should you still doubt how much a little kid like this could really learn participating in such an event with kids twice her age may I present to you…

You participate in enough of these dance downs, you can easily learn a dance in just a couple of minutes, on a crowded stage and have the confidence to do exactly what you dance teacher has taught you…get out in front, do the work and impress the hell out of those judges.

Judges’ awards, ribbons, medals and trophies aside, Jodie tells me that the very best thing about this last weekend’s dance competition was the encouragement and praise she received from her competitors, other studio owners, teachers and choreographers.

Me, I can’t wait to see where this ability and confidence will take her…on stage and off.


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