overheard under the Big Top #217

Jodie:Aw Dad! You’re so cute buying mom flowers and her favorite candy just because she is sick. You should do that for me when I am sick.

Dad: You always get sick during the week when I’m busy at work.

It’s true.

I am sick. Have been since Thursday. The good news is I have caught up on Downton Abbey…when I haven’t been sleeping and I have slept a lot.

It’s also true that my darling husband brought home a bouquet of flowers and red vines. He claims the licorice has medicinal properties.

Of course it is very true that he is cute.

And it is true that Jodie usually gets sick during the week when her Mommy Dearest is here to look after her, take her to the doctor, give her the medicine she needs and to pretty much wait on her and her Daddy is commuting 2 hours to work 10 hour work days.

It’s all true…so very true.

I’ll let you know if the licorice works.


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