quit playing games with my heart

To all my dear friends who got me curious about Downton Abbey with all your talk about it so that I would start watching Season 3 and get all involved…involved enough that I would spend my holiday weekend in my sick bed catching up on Seasons 1 and 2 just in time to then watch Season 3’s finale…

Thanks a lot!

I still find myself getting emotional when I think about the final scenes that played out Sunday night. Definitely not because I was under the influence of cold meds. No, the ending bruised my heart.

And WTF PBS follows with a pledge drive immediately after???!!!

Filming for Season 4 is currently underway. Hopefully Julian Fellowes won’t be killing off anymore favorite characters.

Meanwhile, here is a little bit of marvelous-ness to perhaps cheer our broken hearts.


2 thoughts on “quit playing games with my heart

  1. I also did not start watching it until the middle of season 2 and now I wish I had watched from the beginning! I was sorry I started watching at the season finale! It was distressing to see another family member killed off! The show is addictive. I love period pieces anyway and I will continue watching and maybe they will rerun season 1 someday so I can see how it started! Can’t wait for season 4 to start! 🙂

  2. I got hit by a spoiler before I was able to watch and it weirdly made the tension of watching the finale higher. When? WHEN?!? AUGH?!?!?! Gunshot? Septic from a fishook to the cheek? Falling off a cliff racing back to see the baby? Train crash?!?! WHEN!?

    On the other hand, before I heard the spoiler I was watching the previous episode and when it came out that he was going on secret doctor’s appointments too I thought for sure he had a terminal illness. Hate to see him go, no matter the cause.

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