Truth be told, I suck at editing. Read pretty much any post here and you will agree. I madly string along a few words here and there, throwing in a picture or more and then with scarcely a second look I hit publish.

Really that is not how one should write.

But I do. Then I take a first look at the published piece and I see all the typos…so many typos and everything else that is awkward and cluttered about what I just published and I have to fix it…and fix it again…and maybe fix it more the next day.

This is absolutely how no one should ever write. My apologies to Mrs. Miller who tried to teach me the importance of rough drafts and editing when I was in high school. Major fail, I know.

Days, weeks and even months later, I have to force myself NOT to go back and edit what is clearly an awkwardly written post. I even have to stop myself from doing just that when the piece I submitted to audition for Listen To Your Mother Sacramento is accepted and I am asked to come and read the piece to audition in front of the directors.

True story.

Yes. Last week I was notified that the blog post I submitted was accepted for the next round of auditions for Listen To Your Mother Sacramento.


As excitied as I am and as stressed as I am about what am I going to wear and nervous as I am about reading my piece in front of the directors, I find that I must forcibly restrain myself from editing the piece because as awkward as I see it to be now, especially with the f-bombs, that is what the directors accepted when I submitted and what they expect to hear when I read it next week.

So I instead distract myself by editing other things in my life. Like the, no kidding, nearly two feet  tall stack of mail piled on my desk, or my closets. Three trash bags of shredded mail and documents for recycling and three bags of clothes for charity later I feel a little bit better. Just a little bit better.

Looking around I see so much more clutter here under the Big Top. Time to edit some more.

Oh, and to run through my reading more than just a few times before the audition.


5 thoughts on “editing…

  1. Glad I’m not the only poor editor… Though I do tend to proof a couple of times (still manage to miss the odd typo though!)
    BTW, you have an “andf nervous” line too, unless it is an expletive shortcut!!

    • yes I do! Thanks for the edit!
      I do read it through before I publish but I still manage to miss a lot like you noticed. I will fix that straight away.

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