let the joyous news spread throughout the land

Birthday week will now begin!

But that isn’t why I found the special plate before me this morning for breakfast.

No, my darling husband had decided that I needed to fuel up before my audition adventure up in Sacramento. Oh, and it IS the start of birthday week palooza.

I won’t lie, it has been a rough weekend for me. It’s mostly my own doing that brought it all on but the overwhelming stress and worry became just too much on Friday. Thank goodness for friends and a darling husband and hugs and 3 mile runs and long soaks in the hot tub and good food and wine…

and silly hipster babies…

and nutella-stained, freckle face smiles…

and the opportunity to share my words auditioning for Listen To Your Mother Sacramento. What a nurturing, encouraging experience that was! Thank you Margaret and Nichole for the opportunity!




One thought on “let the joyous news spread throughout the land

  1. Laura, my husbands birthday is the 15th and he thinks he should celebrate all week also! Must be the birth sign! Happy birthday a few days early and enjoy each minute of it!

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