some of the most talented nurses in Modesto…

Work with me!

Not a shift goes by at my workplace where I am not in awe of something that one of my co-workers can do.We save tiny human beings all day and all night long…and we come up with great ideas and plans to decrease our CABSI rate to ZERO for days and days and weeks and weeks and months and months and now years…we rock cross-fit and running, theater and music, photography and every crafty, creative hobby under the sun…and we, well, one of us can rebuild and save a twenty-one year old beloved stuffed toy from certain destruction.

Squishy doesn’t realize just how lucky she is. Some mighty skilled hands saved her ducky-ass…literally! Sure it took some time, but this was delicate work that needed to be done…done by a very busy full-time working nurse who is also busy chasing after an adorable one year old baby boy.

She is one lucky duck!

Okay Squshy, enough with the duck-faced poses. You look ridiculous.

Yeah, even for a duck!

Thank you my dear Lisa for your time and your talent and your heart. Squishy is one lucky duck because of you but I am even luckier to count you as one of my co-workers.




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