moms and Hot Wheels

Moms and Hot Wheels go together like?


According to Matt Petersen, a vice president at Mattel, they don’t go together because moms just don’t get Hot Wheels. He says that moms never played with them. Moms don’t get why cars, engines, and all the shapes and crashing and smashing are so cool.

I bet he believes that moms don’t think flames painted on the sides makes the Hot Wheels cars even more awesome.

Or how moms could possibly enjoy setting up Hot Wheels’ tracks to race the Hot Wheels cars on…even with a missing piece of the track. Moms could not possibly appreciate just how freaking cool it is to race the cars anyway only to race uncontrollably off the track plummeting to an imagined, but acted out loud, crashing fiery end complete with awesome sound effects…screams of terror are optional.

Moms could not possibly get how important it is to have a place for the cars…like the older sisters’ cast off pink Barbie’s Dream House…or every shelf of a book case or more…and the top of the dresser in their son’s room…and their night stand…and every spare square inch of their closet floor…and stacked in over-flowing in plastic toy bins.

Hot Wheels cars sales are significantly down because moms just don’t get Hot Wheels.




To address its “mom” problem, Mattel is making an effort to reach out to moms, who are known to do most of the toy shopping in the house these days. They’re hosting events for mom bloggers and expanding their website to include content explaining the benefits of playing with toy cars (they’re great for hand-eye coordination) and tips on how to play with them (you can use them to play math games). Mattel thinks moms won’t buy a toy unless they understand how it works and see its benefits.

Thank goodness!


Daniel and I are going back to playing with his Hot Wheels cars…the cars that his MOM bought for him.


4 thoughts on “moms and Hot Wheels

  1. Seriously?? Wow…by extension, are they saying that little girls don’t love Hot Wheels, ever? Because, this mom played with them ALOT….(my dad even explained to me how tectonic plates work with a demonstration utilizing Hot Wheels)….and my 2 boys have LOTS…they are FUN. But, yeah, mom’s don’t get Hot Wheels! 😀

    • I know!!! My brothers and I made epic race tracks for our Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning collections. Mattel’s fail is reminiscent of Motrin Moms. Epic fail!

  2. I’m not a mom but I’m getting the feeling that Matt Petersen deserves my big old vintage hot wheels collection shoved up his ass. Soon as he gets his head out of there we’ll give it a try.

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