just like that

Watching Juno together here under the Big Top. A favorite movie here for so many reasons…the music, the humor, the family, the story and so much more. So yeah, we watched Juno here under the Big Top for the umpteenth time tonight.  Then comes that scene…

that scene where Vanessa holds her baby boy for the very first time.



Daniel looks over at me. I look back at him and smile trying to blink back tears and quickly look back at the television.

Daniel: Was that what it was like, Mom? You know, when you held me when I was a baby?


Mom: That is exactly how it was, son. It was just like that.


I can’t believe how blessed I am to say that I am this boy’s mom.



3 thoughts on “just like that

  1. I know too. I’m not even watching Juno, but your entry has me welling up just thinking about that moment. 🙂

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