for the last time…PLEASE dear glob let it be for the last time!!!

That feathery blink of the eyelash before puberty right around age 11, for the last time I am going through it. Any parent of teens and young adults knows EXACTLY what I am speaking of. I semi-lovingly refer to it as the scummy stage.

Apologies to my four beautiful, teen-aged and young adult daughters, but it is because of you I have named this phase thusly…with love, of course with love.
The hair…oh the hair…that ratty ponytail…”YES, I brushed my hair…cutting hair…YES, I WASHED MY HAIR!!
Certain fashion choices…a certain green sweatshirt…those stinky shoes…NO! You can not wear THAT!
The heavy, dramatic sighs…eye rolls…way too many eye rolls…gestures…stomping of feet and slamming of doors…

Oh sweet pre-pubescent hormonal surges! How I almost constantly remind myself that you are so temporary and this is still my sweet, beautiful child who is vexing me so…and perhaps grossing me out with questionable hygiene.

Yes, my beautiful child whom I love more than life itself, you MUST take a shower more than twice a week and you do have to use soap and shampoo and conditioner…and today, because it is picture day at school, you must let your Mom try to blow dry and style your hair. Sure you’ll roll your eyes and run your fingers through your hair when Mom is done but humor me, please.

And please, oh please take off THAT sweatshirt when you get your picture taken!


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