overheard under the Big Top #322

At a 7-11 near you:

Is that your son?

Um, no. This is my brother.

Now I realize that among a certain ethnic population here in the Central Valley it is not uncommon at all for a girl like my 16 year old daughter to very likely be a mother of one, perhaps even two children…very young children. I know this because I am in the business of catching and caring for babies here in the Central Valley. But come on…let’s think about this real hard.

Silly, silly people!

Jodie and Daniel, May 2002


2 thoughts on “overheard under the Big Top #322

  1. I remember being 17 and a cashier at walmart asked me how old my son was I kindly replied “He’s 22months old and he’s my little brother” the cashier then proceded to tell me “it’s ok honey if he’s yours don’t be ashamed”, ha me ashamed no you should be ashamed you basically called me a liar. whatever. people!

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