wait! what?!

It’s Spring Break here under the Big Top. At least for Daniel and Jodie it’s Spring Break here under the Big Top. So with her own money Jodie decided (and asked) if she could spend the break visiting her sister Zoë down in LA and touring the campus of AMDA.

My baby girl is growing up!

No, Amtrak! She is not THAT grownup.

Don’t you go and get any ideas in your little head, Missy! I don’t care if you are as tall as me and Amtrak lists you as an adult passenger, you are still my baby girl. Don’t believe me. Just ask your sister.

Have fun my baby girls!


2 thoughts on “wait! what?!

  1. Wow that’s a big suitcase….sure she didn’t smuggle Hazel along?….lol

    • Actually Fallon. I kid! No she’s taking along an air mattress that Zoë asked her to bring. Plus it is an awesome suitcase that screams “I’m Jodie!”

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