kindergarten happens

In every life of every child and every parent comes that day when they are ready for kindergarten. But before then comes…


Kindergarten registration. With the filling out of the necessary forms comes the reality that this precious baby of yours isn’t really a baby anymore which only means that they are growing up….your sweet baby!

That time has come for little Miss Hazel Faye.


How can this possibly be? Our very first Coming Attraction, who was just a baby that we witnessed changing practically every single day is now old enough to start kindergarten. It seems unreal but it is true.

Hazel is going to start kindergarten in the Fall…erm, actually in August…just as soon as her mommy gets her registered.

Hollie came over last night with her assembled papers and in a bit of a panic. She had Hazel’s birth certificate, her Social Security card, a utility bill showing proof of residence, Hollie and Ben’s marriage license because the utility bill has Ben’s last name on it which isn’t the the same as Hazel’s, family court documents showing custody and school registration forms. It all looked to be in order but missing was Hazel’s immunization record. It is then that Hollie shared her panic as she tore apart the house unable to find that little yellow card that is proof that Hazel has had all of her shots. How can she be enrolled without this, Hollie wondered?

I tried to assure her that it was okay. The card can easily be replaced by calling the pediatrician the next day.

“Even if we have changed doctors?!”, she questions.

Yes, even if they had changed doctors. The proof I offered was the fact that I lost Abby’s several times and now have three immunization records for her…because that which is hopelessly lost always turns up after it is replaced…at least that is true here under the Big Top.

Poor Hollie looked so upset and stressed out. It was a tough day for her. I forgot just how hard this kindergarten registration can be. Perhaps I forgot because it was a little more than 20 years since I had to register my child, my first child for the very first time. Yeah, that was one of those moments that I wished my Mommy Dearest was available in my life. I’m glad to be there for my daughter if to at least assure her she has everything she needs and then some and yes, Hazel will be registered and enrolled.

Still Hollie was so stressed. She explained to me the extra care she takes in filing and organizing important things like Hazel’s shot records because she knows she has to take the extra care. Hollie has ADHD. She has learned to live and function just fine with and without meds over the years but I know just how hard it can be for her. I’m her mom. Of course I know. The look on her face and the stress in her voice I have seen and heard before…when she would be truly overwhelmed with all the clutter and chaos and distractions that she could not possibly begin to filter out. I remember one of the very first times where I saw and heard this and realized just how HARD it was for her when her 5th grade math teacher, Mrs. Paradiso, called me during class time with Hollie and her classmates hearing her tell me how my daughter was failing and would never, ever be able to catch up or understand or pass anything in her class because she was failing and on and on she continued until I cut her off. I could not believe this teacher would do this to my child in front of her and her peers. Yes, Hollie was hopelessly disorganized and distracted in her class and yes, she was failing but I told her teacher our conversation was over until after school when it could be just the two of us and then I hung up. After that, I picked up the phone and called the principal telling her what had just happened and asked if we could meet in her office with the math teacher after school. She agreed. It was this encounter that really opened my eyes to what my child lived and struggled with.

She was actually diagnosed months before but I was unconvinced. It seemed to me that everyone I knew had a kid or several kids with the same diagnosis. One of my friends would repeatedly play the ADHD card for every single bad behavior her kids would do which annoyed the heck out of me especially when her kids would behaved badly while with my kids…even my kid with the same diagnosis.

But that phone call from the (in my humble opinion) horrible teacher opened my eyes to that which Hollie was really struggling with. This was very real in spite of my opinion or the opinions of family members who were even more unconvinced than I was…and way too critical and vocal about it, might I add. Hollie needed help and help is exactly what we got, for her and for her parents. With a lot of support, a lot of encouragement and a lot of time, Hollie has learned to adapt with the way her brain works…and sometimes doesn’t work. She does well, thank you very much. Still, sometimes life happens with its own crazy kind of chaos…like when you have to register your first born child for kindergarten.

It happens.

Oh, and Hazel Faye is registered for kindergarten!

I Know!!!


2 thoughts on “kindergarten happens

  1. Life can be hard for a normal person, but given a disability it’s magnified! I looked at Hazel on Easter and thought the same thing you just said and I have only known her since she was two! She was just learning to talk and now, WOW! 🙂

  2. My son is starting kindergarten in the fall too. I feel so rushed because he won’t be going to a school in his district since his step brother goes to a different school. We want them to be together and it’s such as hassle to complete a task that should be simple. Congrats to Hazel and I’m sure she will do amazing in kindergarten!

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