her routine

Preparing for Hazel’s first dance competition was a bit of a struggle. Okay, fine! It was a big struggle. I mean have YOU ever put false eyelashes and rhinestones on a four year old?

There were tears. She quit. Her mommy reasoned, bargained, bribed to no avail. So Mima had to come in and have a come to Jesus talk with her…because I somehow knew what to say? Well, turns out I did because she agreed…very reluctantly…to let her mother finish the stage makeup and to dance at least that competition, that day. Of course she had fun and soon forgot how weird the eyelashes, eye makeup and rhinestones made her feel.

I told Hollie that it will get easier. At least she has one thing I never had…skill…so she won’t likely ever glue her little girl’s eyelashes shut.


And it was a little bit easier the second time around this weekend There were no tears, no quitting. Mommy didn’t have to reason, bargain or bribe. There were no come to Jesus talks with Mima either. Thank goodness! No this time while Mommy got her stage ready, Mima had to sit on the bathroom floor hold her hands and sing with her…the ABC song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…oh and Teenage Dream and That’s What Makes You Beautiful…as loud as we could.

Hey, you have your getting ready routine and Hazel has hers!

The acoustics in a hotel bathroom are amazing!


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  1. Beautiful child! Love this little girl! Wish I could have seen her! 🙂 ❤

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