from PTA reject to Joe Biden

So there I was minding my own business happily snapping pictures of happy, beautiful teenagers all dressed up for Prom when one of the parents comes alongside of me and tells me that the first meeting for the Class of 2014 Sober Grad committee will be in two weeks and she really hoped that I would be there.


She doesn’t know me very well, does she? Me, the PTA reject, the piss-poor cheer mom and the slacker soccer mom, basketball mom, volleyball mom and dance mom…yes, it was me she was inviting.

I pull up my calendar on my phone and mark the date thanking her for the invite.


I was invited to join with the PTA moms. I’ve never been invited before. Oh sure, I got the first day of school invites every year since 1992…because they HAVE to send out invites to all the parents…I’d go fully intending to offer what I can to support my kids’ schools. I’m all for that. But soon enough I’d see that I just did not belong, did not fit in, not at all. So I settled into the role of paying the annual PTA dues (five bucks) and participating in fundraisers and the rare field trip or class party. And I was okay with that. The circle of moms who do everything at school was too tight to fit into. Sure, they would call out for volunteers and even complain at the drop-off and pick-up how it’s always the SAME parents who volunteer but over the years as our kids grew up in school together they really liked their tight little social circle that did everything for school…and I became content as a PTA reject. My plate was full enough juggling the raising of my 5 clowns and all the craziness they brought to my circus anyway.

So as I planned to attend the Sober Grad meeting I wondered was the invite sincere…or was I being punked in some sort of Mean Girl kind of way. yes, I was mostly joking. But then again. Even Hollie joined in teasing me because she knows…I don’t fit in.

Turns out I wasn’t being punked. I was welcomed…after all these years. Still feeling awkward not knowing what to say or do I kept my head down and took notes…lots of notes….mainly because I really have no clue at all what I’m doing here….unlike the other parents at the meeting who seem to be on every single parent group or committee that supports every single program at our kids’ high school…I mean all of them.

We discuss at length budgets from years past, venues, fundraising ideas…the irony that a few fundraiser ideas that have worked years past involve alcohol, for the Sober Grad event didn’t escape me. I’m quick like that. Yeah.

It is then decided that we must put in place the executive board for the committee before the next meeting…you know President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer…

Do you hear the crickets?

Is this how it is at the PTA meetings?

Finally, one by one people offer just how over extended they are chairing the athletic committee or the events committee or the grounds committee or all the other parent groups and committees in place at our kids’ school. Then a few step up saying they will be secretary…hey, wait! I want to be secretary because I take great notes but I am the super newbie here so I stay silent. Finally we have a secretary and the parent who invited me agrees to be president. Another reluctantly volunteers to be either treasurer or vice president reminding us how over-extended she is. Others nod their heads murmuring their own over-extensions. I’m the only one who is quiet. And then, feeling guilty because I do nothing but sign a few checks for our kids’ school, open my mouth and say I could be willing to serve wherever I would be most useful adding I have no experience whatsoever…zero, zip, zilch, nada. The newly appointed President jumps on this saying I would be perfect for the job of Vice President describing basically what will be her sidekick/helper.

Why did Joe Biden’s smiling face immediately flash in my mind?

She brightly explains what my duties would be. I am pretty much her flunkie. Another parent, who knows our family circus life well, adds this would be a perfect fit for me with everything else I juggle.

I think I have been punked.

Yeah, I am the Vice President for the Class of 2014 Sober Grad Committee.

My Class of 2014 darling daughter is more than pleased.

Honestly! The things we do for these kids of ours!


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  1. David and I did that the year Dawn graduated. It is a lot of work but in the end worth it 🙂

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