the sharp dressed nurse

Why am I hearing ZZ Top right now?

Every (patient’s) crazy for a sharp dressed nurse.

Truth be told, being a patient myself a few times, I never really paid much attention to how my nurse caring for me looked. Just do your job and take really good care of me is all I ask. The thing is I have found in those circumstances is the nurses who have cared for me, or my children, as their patient are not only professional in their skills but how they look. Their appearance reflects their attention to their profession…and their personality.

The balance of presenting myself professionally along with a little self expression has been on my mind lately. Ultimately I dress as a NICU nurse for comfort, mine and my patients and their families because twelve hours night or day is a very long time to be on the job caring for tiny human beings and their worried, stressed families. Working twelve hour night shifts as an RN in the NICU, I certainly don’t always look gorgeous…um, actually probably never with my hair twisted up in a bun or a braid and virtually no makeup. But then again I’m too busy taking care of critically sick, tiny humans and supporting their scared, nervous (and sometimes also sick) parents to be worried about whether or not I look good. Yet I do try to look good…or at least professional, as in the “you can trust me I am a professional and well-qualified to care for your precious baby” sense. It makes a difference I believe. I know I would want my loved ones’ caregivers to dress and look professional.

I was more than thrilled to be asked by Uniformed Scrubs to try on and take one of their scrub tops out for a night of “fun” in the NICU. A little sweat (thank you hot flashes!), some baby spit up that might miss a burp cloth or some dried tears on your shoulder after hugging a grateful parent or snuggling a snuffling baby. So. Much Fun. No, really. Fun that my scrubs better hold up to well.

I was given an Adar Scrub Set top to try on. Basic, simple, well-made, side vents, deep pockets…all things I want/need in scrubs. Comfortable too.

Definitely comfortable but I need a smaller size! That’s my fault. I guess I need to see that yes, I am a size smaller which is a win. Hurray for my running obsession and new flirtation with kettle bells! But the true test was yes, these scrubs held up very well to my 12 hour shift of caring for my precious patients, my hot flashes and the little bit of baby spit up that slipped past the burp cloth washed out just fine, thank you very much.

To thank me for trying on one of their featured scrubs, Uniformed Scrubs is offering my readers 15% off their wide variety of brands of fun, functional and comfortable scrubs. Just use the coupon code “true blue” from now until July 31, 2013 to receive you 15% off discount. Pretty awesome!

Also be sure to check out the Official Uniformed Scubs Blog, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and on Pinterest to see more featured products, deals and discounts.

I was asked by Uniformed Scrubs to try on and review one of the Adar Scrub Set top and received no other compensation besides the scrub top which served me well last night at work.


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