Another weekend, another dance competition.

:::back of hand dramatically to forehead:::

Oh the life of a Dance Mom!

It can be hard sometimes. Like when the competition is being staged this weekend at UC Davis while three of the colleges here are also staging their commencement ceremonies. There is traffic, crowded hotels and at least one hotel manager who seemed to be super annoyed with the arrival of guests who want to check in and prepare for graduation ceremonies and dance competitions.

Putting on stage makeup in the hotel lobby because your room will not be ready for another couple hours, around the time you have to be at the competition ready to take the stage, is just one more thing that will annoy the hotel manager.


You do what you have to do and you don’t let it break your concentration.

Not at all.

And the reward for being patient and fine and balanced and kind is a platinum for your solo and a platinum for your tap duo.

How cool is that?!

Oh and this picture, that smile of my darling dancing daughter’s…I am so glad for all the orthodonture we paid for over the years for her because that smile is perfect.

Congratulations Jodie. Two dances down, four more, plus Hazel’s, to go. You’re off to a great start.




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