honor roll for the remarkable

What a school year it has been here under the Big Top!

Only four more days left in this school year then, oh for goodness sakes, my two youngest children will be a SENIOR and a FIFTH GRADER!!!

I’m so proud of both of these babies of mine. They both have worked hard managing more than their fair share of obstacles to persevere, grow (a lot) and accomplish much. For Daniel it is especially gratifying. Remember the beginning of this school year? How we fought so hard to keep him in the same school and found ourselves defending the special education the school district provides for him because the law demands it? Well, guess who made the honor roll?

Go ahead, guess….

I’ll wait…

Can I hear a loud “OH YEAH BABY!!!“?!

So dear Mr. Dennis Wyatt, to answer your question that you posed seven months ago: “The question that no one is asking given the budget crisis is whether we can continue to afford to support special education in K-12 at the current level. That may sound like borderline blasphemy just to ask the question, but it needs to be asked…” …

Can we afford it?

Is it really worth it?

Is it worth it spending all the money, time and energy on a child with obvious learning challenges and delays along with sensory processing dysfunctions that sometimes make it virtually impossible to focus and learn?

Oh hell yeah!!!

I can assure you that no one amongst his peers worked as hard as he did to EARN that 3.0. Truly remarkable is he, my amazing son. Again I am reminded how lucky my son is, How truly fortunate and amazing and remarkable. But today, this time I am reminded in a way that makes me so proud of him and the people who have come along side of him to support him and encourage him. This beyond the normal that we have learned to celebrate as parents of a child who was first presented little chance for survival or any kind of good quality of life. This is a feat worth celebrating…even for the normal.

OMG, my amazing baby boy made honor roll!!!!

Yeah, okay mom, enough with the pictures!


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  1. 🙂 you go Daniel, congratulations! To you also Laura, it’s not easy raising children!

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