her don’t feel good

OMG, that beautiful baby face!

Unfortunately, it is Fallon’s turn to be sick.

The curse of a large family is that the sick germs, when they do get in, linger forever!


It’s really fun as summer approaches and your feverish body temp is ever so slightly  above what the outside temperature is.

Poor baby boo!

Fallon just does not feel well…not at all.

I swear I stayed away from her while I was sick. I swear that I did.

But I have to add that there is a bonus to Fallon being sick and feverish like she is right now. The girl is not raging against the world. Not at all. Perhaps that takes too much energy.

I’m a horrible person right now because I am really liking this Fallon, aren’t I?

I’m sorry.

Oh sweet baby! Feel better!!! Mima loves you and is so sorry you are sick right now!