daily Hazel observations

Hazel is turning FIVE this weekend and she has already established the fact that this milestone is a big-assed deal.

Turning five is HUGE!!!

And so with the countdown to five, Hazel has become just a little bit reflective, as soon-to-be five year olds do. Looking back through The Daily Hazel, Hazel is quite impressed that her Mima recorded so much of her first year of life. Now she is impressed! Ten years from now she will likely regard my faithful record of her early life as creepy. Nevertheless, Hazel has also noted that during the first year of her life she spent a lot of time sleeping,

looking at herself in the mirror,

and being kissed by her mommy.

That’s exactly true!

So much wisdom and she isn’t even officially five yet. We all just might be in a little bit of trouble here under the Big Top.