a whole hand

From this moment…

to this moment.

How could these two possibly be connected?

Hazel Faye is A WHOLE HAND!!!! She is five years old today.

I wish I could hug and kiss her all over, not unlike the very first time I did on the day that she was born, but she is with “Daddy Jeff” today. Kind of seems unfair to me…if I was Queen of the Universe it would be different because I would declare it to be so as the Queen of the Universe does.. Alas, I am not. But I know today will still be a very special day for her…as will be Sunday when she will celebrate with her family and closest friends who all love her best and most.

Until then, happy, happy birthday my beautiful, blue-eyed, “blonde-strawberry” haired granddaughter.

I love you,

with all my hearts.



4 thoughts on “a whole hand

  1. Happy Birthday Hazel! Being a “whole hand ” old is VERY cool!

    And, as Mima, you should be Queen of the Universe and get your way!

      • This has been a very icky day, and your email made me smile and made my day better. You’re the best.

        Please give Hazel a birthday hug from somebody who knew who her mommy and aunties when they were her age.

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