noodle magic

One thing that I have definitely learned living on preemie time with Daniel is to sometimes step away…let others step in…let him figure out…just trust.

Daniel still does not know how to swim. Being the person who (barely) learned how to swim in her Senior year because one HAD to swim the width of the pool in order to pass PE, I resolved as a mother that my kids would know how to swim…dammit! Mom is not water safe so my kids better be. Who else will save me if I were to get in the water.


And so my girls learned. And they swim. They swim well….if they choose to. Daniel, on the other hand still can not even put his face in the water.


Sensory Processing Dysfunction Problems.

I can’t explain it in a way that “normal” folks can understand. Yes, we tried this…we tried that too…OMG, we did nothing but that thing all the time…and that, that was a major FAIL! In other words, the advice, well, unless you are living it, you don’t get it because if you were living it you would likely NOT offer advice.

Just saying.

Meanwhile, while Daniel does not know how to swim, he is at least water safe around a pool under our watchful eyes. He knows his limits and he would be the last kid to push those boundaries because…

put his face in the water?!

Are you freaking kidding me??!!


Around a pool, I trust him, as we watch him.

While swimming this weekend with his cousin, whom he adores, my sister in law noticed Daniel’s cautiousness in the pool. He and Kaya are just a year apart in age so it is hard not to notice the difference between the two in the pool. One is a confident fish in the water and the other hangs out in the 3 foot side of the pool and rather than dive for objects picks then up with his feet. He has some mad skills but still, he is a landlubber, definitely.

Then Teri got in the pool with him with a noodle.

What mom can not do, what dad can not do, even what privately hired swim instructors could not do, Auntie Teri does.

Daniel can float around in the pool with a noodle!!! True, it is in 3-4 feet of water, but he is floating!

It’s like it is magic this noodle that makes one float like this!!!

Absolutely, positively, totally magic all in one a styrofoam noodle.


Dudes, we are thismuchcloser to someday Daniel putting his face in the water. Such is life living on preemie time.


3 thoughts on “noodle magic

  1. I was not a preemie and I don’t like putting my face in the water! Not even in the shower! I also am not a good swimmer! The world is full of us non swimmers, hate our face in the water! 🙂 😉

  2. Yeah Daniel! I’m in the non swimmer club, too. Good thing I didn’t go to your high school, Laura; I would have failed senior PE! I didn’t go to swimming lessons for the first time until I was 10. That was embarrassing, but not enough to compel me to become a swimmer. Go Daniel!

  3. Yay Daniel! We’re not living on premie time, but Boo’s very similar with his aversion to his face in water. He was one of those kids who never, ever, played with his food because it was icky, and finger paint? forget it! But, yeah, there are some things certain people can do for our kiddos that we can’t. One of these days both our boys will (or will not) put their face into the water. In their own time and on their own terms.

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