observing the busy nineties

Mom, what were the 90’s like?

Well, I started working as an RN in the NICU in 1990. Your sister, Hollie, started school in the 90’s. Zoë was born in 1992, then Abby was born in 1993 and they also started school in the 90’s. And then Jodie was born in 1996.

WOW! Woman, you were busy!!

(laughing) Yeah, I guess I was a little bit busy in the 90’s.

Yes, he did refer to me as “woman”. Who is this child, this beautiful boy with the dilated pupils from his annual visit with his opthamologiist? Perhaps it’s the influence of the eye drops?

Oh son! My beautiful, wonderful son…what an adventure your preteens are becoming; an adventure with the promise of lots of questions and lots of thought and lots of laughter.

And to think I was a busy woman back in the busy nineties!

Oh, and who said boys were easier? Who?


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