If I am to believe my Facebook timeline, there were recitals happening all over Northern California, Oregon and Washington this weekend. Seriously, at least ten different friends were posting pictures of their own tiny dancers all dressed up in the dance recital finest.

Let’s blame it on the Super Moon, shall we? We blame everything else on the moon. Well, we do.

But yes, it was indeed dance recital weekend here under the Big Top. And it was a pretty big, fat, freaking deal because it was the tenth annual dance recital for our studio. Oh, and what with three Scarboroughs dancing it was a pretty big deal here under the Big Top.

Hazel danced her heart out in three dances and of course did not disappoint. Mima cheered loudly. Papa whooped and hollered praising her awesome stage presence and I enjoyed watching Hollie watching her baby girl up on stage.

Daniel’s swagger all dressed up in his suit and tie totally took me by surprise especially given his frustration with his pants being so baggy. You try explaining to this boy who lives in skinny jeans that this is what is worn when one is dancing hip hop…usually. The pants were all kinds of wrong in his opinion. Still, once under the lights, up on that stage he forgot about those baggy, saggy pants and danced. Timberlake better watch himself. Just saying.

As for Jodie…

Jodie danced in her usual style in just nine dances. No big deal. Yeah, okay…actually it was a pretty big deal. Especially the Hunger Games Ballet.

Seriously kick-ass stuff it was.

And so it ends…until Nationals in just 28 days…auditions just 8 days after that…no, it never ends I guess…at least for one more year.

Great! Now I must consider the fact that next year will be Jodie’s last year dancing competitively.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “recital-palooza

  1. 🙂 do they allow anyone to come to recitals? I would love to come watch one when all three are dancing.

    • Donna all you have to do is purchase a ticket. I’ll give you a heads up when the next one approaches around the holidays. no fancy costumes then but lots of dancing kids.

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