goodness flowing

So were you standing with Wendy Davis yesterday? Truth be told, I wasn’t following her marathon filibuster because I was napping part of the day away and then working all night. I had no idea what goodness was happening in Austin, Texas until I picked up my daughter, Jodie’s tweet.

Sen. Wendy Davis is talking 12 hrs straight (standing, no food, no bathroom) to filibuster an anti-choice bill in TX



My 17 year old girl who eats, drinks, sleeps dance every day of the week in any given month all these years and STILL finds time to obsess over boy singers like Jackson Guthy and boy bands like One Direction and Midnight Red is in the know about a proposed Texas abortion bill that would be the strictest in the nation? She also admires people like Texas State Senators Wendy Davis and Letitia Van de Putte?

She does.

That’s my girl!

Unfortunately, while the voices of Wendy Davis, Letitia Van de Putte, other senators and the voices of Texas constituents gathered at the state capital last night did manage to stop SB5 from being passed…only after many called out Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Senate Republicans on their creative time keeping…Governor Rick Perry announced that he’s calling lawmakers back next week to try again because “we value all life.” And then Texas executed it’s 500th inmate since 1982.

Oh irony!

Still the goodness flowed. The day after the Supreme Court punched a hole in the Voting Rights Act of 1965, they stepped forward in the right direction of equality for all striking down DOMA as unconstitutional and let stand a ruling that found Proposition 8, a 2008 voter initiative that ended same-sex marriage in California, unconstitutional.

At last!

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand that this doesn’t dramatically change everything with us all joining hands accepting marriage equality for all. Recalling that Alabama finally lifted the ban against interracial marriage in 2000 JUST thirty-three years after the Surpeme Court’s decision in Loving v. Virgina it’s obvious we have a long way to go. But we are on our way.


It’s not over. But it is more steps in the right direction for friends who have been legally married for five years who can now be recognized as a married couple not only by their family and friends but also in the eyes of the country and government they pledge allegiance to. Or as I told them, “They finally have the right to choose to fall in love with their one true love and be free to marry them and enjoy all the bennies and the I-swear-to-god-he-is-standing-on-my-last-nerve crap that us hetero old married folks enjoy” and soon the same will come for other friends in long term, loving relationships because, yes, we ALL deserve this.

Hurray for marriage, marriage equality for all Americans!

And how does one celebrate such goodness that has flowed these past 24 hours?

With bacon of course!

Add some fresh strawberries and avocados with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and perhaps a glass of chilled pinot grigio and it is a party! A party celebrating just a little bit of goodness.


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