the conversation

Because I was more than 20 feet away from them when I got these shots, I have no idea what they are talking about. But I am loving the expressions on Jodie’s face while she and her Daddy were hanging out together and talking.

I wonder if my kids realize how lucky they are that this man is their Dad. From the moment each one of them came into his life, the love they received from him was always without conditions or expectations. Moments like this with him have always been impromptu, without restrictions, full of joy (boisterous or quiet) and love. For these children they will never fear disappointing their Dad as long as they do their very best and love what they do.Sure he has had many wishes, hopes and dreams for each and every one of his children. He still does. But he long ago reconciled that his may not necessarily be the same as his children’s wishes, hopes and dreams for themselves. Yet he still enthusiastically cheers them on. Perhaps that is why his relationships with each and every one of his children seems to be so relaxed and easy.

Do my children realize how lucky they are?

I’m pretty certain that they do.



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