It has been hotter than balls here under the Big Top this last week.

No really.

Seriously, we expect temps around the century mark here in Manteca during the summertime because it is summertime here in Manteca…but temps well above 100° with humidity? Are you kidding me? This is not the East or the Midwest. Yes, I am quickly climatized to hot, dry summer temps quickly forgetting what is normal back home in Pennsylvania. I certainly forgot how big and frizzy my hair can get. My hair, on the other hand, has not.

Meanwhile we do what we can do to conserve energy and stay cool as best as we can around here which includes a matinee or two or more including catching Man of Steel with one of my favorite men. The other guy was at work because it was a matinee showing.

So sorry my darling husband.

The cool dark theater, a delightful escape. The shared popcorn, Coke Zero and Sour Patch Kids was a perfect treat. The movie, a bit long in my humble opinion but Daniel declares it to be GREAT!

Leaving the theater he tells me, “How cool! Superman was adopted! I’m adopted!”


And like Daniel, the Man of Steel struggled with overwhelming sensory overload. Think about it. The guy has x-ray vision. He has super-sensitive hearing that literally hears everything…every thing! The scene with Clark as a boy at school overwhelmed by everything happening in his classroom, in his school, in his town and all around him while his teacher is calling his name struck a chord as Daniel leaned into me and whispered, “It all hurts him.”

Of course it does.

Of course my son would understand too.

I’m glad the theater was dark  because, yes, a tear or more were rolling down my cheek during that particular scene.

Clark Kent (age 9): The world’s too big, Mom.

Martha Kent: Then make it small. Focus on my voice. Pretend it’s an island out in the ocean. Can you see it?

Daniel actually reached to hold my hand as Clark’s mom calmed her little boy and helped him to focus just on her voice as he filtered the world. Conversations like that happen all the time here under the Big Top.

One can only imagine what comparisons and conclusions Daniel was coming to as he regarded this Man of Steel who so much resembled himself.

I swear he walked taller and more purposefully as we stepped out of the cool of that dark theater into the bright, 106° late afternoon sunshine.

Draw you own conclusions, citizens.

I know I have.


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