overheard under the Big Top #73

Daniel: (while looking through an old photo album) Mom, is this you?

Mom: Yes it is.

Daniel: Dad, is this you?

Dad: No. That’s not me.

Daniel: Oh…

He looks over at me with narrowed eyes as he slams shut the photo album.

I just might be in trouble now and no, it has nothing to do with the awkward that was the formal fashion of 1978. He certainly can’t fault me on my hair. My hair was awesome. I mean look at it. No I think it might be the fact I am standing very close to someone who is not Daniel’s Dad and that guy has his arm tightly around my waist…my incredibly tiny waist…and I seem to be really happy that this guy has his arm around my waist.

Let this be a cautionary tale for all of you parents out there whose kids haven’t discovered pictures and mementos from old boyfriends or girlfriends.

Get rid of it all!!!!

Except you Hollie. You may not come over and try to destroy any pictures of your old boyfriends that I might have.


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