new mugs

Seriously, the last thing we need here under the Big Top are more coffee mugs. Having had two of my clowns working for Starbucks in the past and collecting Starbucks related holiday gifts over the years we definitely have more than enough coffee mugs. And yet, I could not pass these up.




Thank you Cool Mom Picks for sharing these delightful beauties and the Etsy shop that sells them. They are absolutely perfect for the morning cup of coffee or to raise a few eyebrows…hmmm…maybe at work? Having a family member who prefers their wine in a coffee mug how could I not purchase these?

Coffee (and wine) taste wonderfully delicious in my new mugs.



3 thoughts on “new mugs

  1. I almost always drink my nighttime glass of wine out of a coffee cup. It’s usually sitting right beside my computer, and I don’t want to risk one of those tippy wine glasses. I really need one of those cups!

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