Just in case you missed the Big Top news earlier this week…


Can you believe it? I mean it has been only nine years since it was first determined that Daniel might benefit from daily injections of human growth hormone. I almost didn’t believe that it was finally here under the Big Top until I administered Daniel’s very first injection; which was not hard at all. I think my son might be just a little bit impressed with my mad nurse skills…just a little bit.

And so we begin. We begin with Daniel standing at 4 feet 0 inches in height.

Yeah, that’s my son compared to other 11½ year old boys. Of course the doubters (who always doubt your ability as the parent to make the right decisions for your child…what? You don;’t have that problem? Lucky!) might question just how much of a problem this can be for a kid like Daniel, a kid whose pituitary gland is grossly underdeveloped and not functioning as it should be?



So it begins, the daily injections, the close monitoring of height and the hope…oh please, please, please let it be so…that this boy of mine will at long last actually outgrow his clothes and shoes before they can even begin to show signs of wear. I can’t believe that I am actually wishing for something like this. I guess I should get my ass into gear and actually make this growth chart ruler that I have been saying that I want to make

Meanwhile, just three days into his new daily regimen, Daniel swears that he can FEEL himself growing.

Grow, Daniel, grow!


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