bride wars

Two best friends, best friends since they were babies crawling over one another are planning their weddings…can anything be more sweet…or perhaps dangerous? I mean have you seen that forgettable chick flick Bride Wars?

Ame: I’m going to marry Daniel!

Hazel: No! I’M going to marry Daniel!

Ame’s Grandmother: But Ame, Daniel is not Luke Skywalker, and you love Luke Skywalker.

Ame: Well, I can call him Luke.

Hazel: No. His name is Daniel and I’M going to marry Daniel!

Hazel’s Mommy: Hazel, you can’t marry Daniel. Daniel is my little brother. He is your uncle.You can not marry your uncle.

I am absolutely certain that Daniel is relieved. Meanwhile, Hazel is now in tears.

Told you this would end in tears!