when you’re blonde and beautiful…

You don’t ever take a bad picture. At least that is what those of who are not blonde and beautiful imagine most of the time because we have yet to see you take a bad picture.

Of course I’m just jealous.


Yet when a dear friend, who just so happens to be blonde and beautiful asks me if I can get a few head shots for her for an upcoming audition I find myself suddenly very nervous because what if I am the one to take a bad picture of my beautiful, blonde friend?

It could happen!

But it didn’t…because she is blonde and beautiful. When she rocks that audition we can even imagine that it is all because of my amazing head shots. Of course it will be because she is gorgeous and super talented.

I’ll just be super flattered that she asked me to take her picture because I am.

Then there is my own beautiful, blonde-haired child…

How can it possibly be that Jodie Grace is a senior?!?!

We asked a family friend, Sandy, of Sandra Rose Photography, if she would like to shoot some pictures of Jodie for her senior portraits that would feature Jodie as the bright, bubbly, beautiful blonde that she is as well as show off some of her dancing skills.

It’s clear that Sandy and Jodie had a lot of fun with this shoot. I had fun too chasing after them, literally. Of course the next day my sore foot ached all the more because chasing after a photographer chasing after a dancer dancing around downtown Modesto is not actually resting what I thought was tendonitis is it?

But the shots Sandy got were amazing.

Easy when the subject is blonde and beautiful.

Which might be why Sandy and Jodie plan to hook up next month for another photo shoot.

And I will perhaps shed a tear or more over the fact that my beautiful baby girl is nearly grown and a senior in high school this year because, OMG, how can that possibly be true?!


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  1. 🙂 She is a beautiful child and you have 2 beautiful grandchildren! 🙂

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