baseball, birthdays, fried pickles and bobbleheads

What can be more American?


You have your Minor League Baseball…Yay! Stockton Ports!!!

Sweet seats in the Comcast Clubhouse along the first base line thanks to raffle tickets won at last week’s Dance Stars fundraiser.

An autographed baseball thanks to the hookup from another Dance Stars family member who just so happens to be the Ports’ photographer…thank you Sean!

All the more sweeter this all is with DEEP FRIED DILL PICKLES which the Stockton Ports assures me are calorie free because we are indeed celebrating my darling husband’s fiftieth birthday.

It’s been awhile since we been to the ballpark…too long…OMG, way too long!

Unfortunately, this time the Ports didn’t win. But we did get to take home some pretty sweet A.J. Griffin Bobbleheads

Which, when lined up all in a row, aren’t creepy at all. Apologies to Mr. Griffin but seriously, the eyes…they follow you.


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