acrophobic obsession

You know, for someone who freely admits to her irrational fear of heights…irrational because I have been told that it is, therefore it must be so even though those who have made this expert determination never were stuck on a Ferris Wheel…

in the dark

during a power outage

for two hours

with their 10 year old brother

who was rocking the car that we were in because it’s fun…


Fun for him. A frightening experience for me.

But yes, I am afraid of heights…irrationally so. I acknowledge it. I accept it. Sometimes I work on trying to overcome it. Other times I take lots of pictures of that which scares the crap out of me.

Because I want to.

Because I can.

Because they sure are pretty…standing here on the ground, looking up.


3 thoughts on “acrophobic obsession

  1. I don’t think acrophobia is irrational. Anatidaephobia is irrational. Triskaidekaphobia is irrational. Ereuthophobia is irrational. A fear of heights is perfectly rational, as far as I’m concerned. Last time I checked, the number 13 can’t kill you.

  2. I am not afraid of heights or fast rides, but I am terrified and refuse to ride the Ferris Wheel!

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