summer fling don’t mean a thing

You can’t ride the teacups solo. You just can not. Well, unless you don’t WANT to spin around in the spinning teacups ride which in that case why are you even on the spinning teacups ride?


But yes, you can’t ride the teacups ride solo. Hazel knows this. But her mommy can’t ride spinning rides…she is so much my darling husband’s daughter. As the parent designated to ride the spinning rides with our circus clowns, I was more than happy to ride the spinning teacups ride with Hazel.


she didn’t WANT to ride with her Mima.

Fine. Reject your Mima!

But you see there was Dominick. Dominick was in line for the teacup ride too and didn’t want to ride with his Dad OR his Mommy and definitely not with his baby brother sleeping in the stroller. So here’s a great idea…why not Hazel and Dominick ride the teacups together? Dominick’s Dad and I thought this would be a great idea. Dominick and Hazel both shrugged trying to convince us that they didn’t really care. Then they got into the waiting teacup together.

People this is how summer flings begin.

Reluctant as they might have appeared in the beginning, soon enough Hazel and Dominick were soon laughing together and squealing with delight. And then, much too soon, the ride and their little summer fling came to an end as they both disembarked, hugged and thanked each other for the ride. Dominick and his family went their way and we headed our way looking for the next ride at Jolly Roger Amusement Park here in Ocean City.

Just making memories…lots of summer memories here in Ocean City because school (kindergarten) starts in just, oh my glob, TWO WEEKS!!!


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