displaying the stories of the process

It is no secret that I love to document life here under the Big Top with photographs…lots of photographs. There are some 79 scrapbook photo albums here under the Big Top to attest to that truth…plus this blog…my Facebook photo albums, my Flickr, my Instagram…and on and on it goes my friends. I love recording the words, the memories and the images that is my life…or at least life the way I see it through my eyes and the lens of my Canon DSLR or my iPhone. The challenge then is actually getting these memories, these stories off my computer, my camera, my iPhone, my social media and sharing them here under the Big Top…because not everyone is connected to my JPEG files, my iPhone, my social media…and because sometimes I just want to see the memories and perhaps pick them up, touch them and get and even closer look.

One very simple, but delightful way to do just that is StickyGram. StickyGram turns your favorite Instagram images into 50mm x 50mm magnets. That is about the same size as your Instagram images appear on your smartphone. For just $14.99, you can get a sheet of 9 flexible magnets of your favorite images on your Instagram.

What’s not to love about that? Seriously I want to literally cover my entire refrigerator. The dilemma is which ones of the over 1,800 images on my Instagram. Yeah, over 1,800. Like I said, I take LOTS of photographs.

This is by no means a paid or sponsored review of StickyGram. I have received no compensation except for the beautiful magnets that I paid for. Still I have some goodness to share with you all from the good folks at StickyGram. Place your own order with StickyGram using this code FRIENDO1P5 and you will get $2 off your very first order.

Yeah, I’m a giver. Um, actually StickyGram is a giver. I’m just a sharer.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re fulfilling that inner need, and for me the need is more the process than the finished product. My photographs are stories of the process.

Kim Weston


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