every morning, every day

Daniel has a new routine, every morning, every day. We have been giving human growth hormone injections every morning, every day to Daniel for about a month now…just two more weeks and it will be a habit. A habit that will be his for years to come. A habit that he comes by legitimately unlike people like Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong or Alex Rodriguez…yeah, we went there. Anyway, as a public service and perhaps over-sharing just a little because that is what most bloggers do, here is what we did early this morning after I came home from work.

Pay attention because I expect you all to know how to do this, m-kay?

The more you know.


3 thoughts on “every morning, every day

  1. I’m excited for Daniel but at the same time…yikes! I can’t say I like the design of that injector. Too much side to side movement trying to hit the button. That must hurt if it moves around.

    • I asked Daniel and he says it does not hurt. The needle is super fine and is also silicone lubricated. Daniel says the first few shots pinched a little but now they don’t bother him at all. He’s awesome.

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