21 years

Twenty one years ago this happened:

My sweet little Holly-Bear started kindergarten…and broke my heart as she shooed me away after she entered the classroom.

For the record, Hollie chose her first day of school outfit. It’s not my fault that slouchy socks and Reeboks were all the rage in 1992. My memory of Hollie as a little girl is that she was a girly kind of girl…whose mother dressed her like a boy she claims. If she had her way, when she was in kindergarten, she would have wore a dress every single day. She practically did. Wearing dresses certainly never got in her way when she would play soccer with the boys during recess. Then I look at this picture and she is sitting, well, just look at her. As prissy as she wanted to be she was a tomboy after my own heart.

Oh my goodness! This was just yesterday! At least it seems like it was.

And today this happened.

Like mother, like daughter…

Hazel Faye is starting kindergarten!

And here is where I confess that I have never really ever felt OLD. Not when I was 25. Not when I was 30. Definitely not when I turned 40. Certainly not when I turned 50. But today watching my first grand girl skip happily to the entrance of her new school eager for kindergarten orientation to commence, I suddenly felt old. This is the moment when it will become a fast moving blur. If I dare to blink more than twice I will find myself sitting next to my daughter as we watch her little girl graduate from high school…and before we can even catch our breath, we will be watching Hazel’s little girl skip off to her first day of kindergarten.

I’m refusing to blink. No really. I’m at this very moment holding my eyes open with my fingers.


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