and now 13 years

The night before my youngest daughter, my sweet, happy, golden-haired daughter was to start kindergarten I had a melt-down. I partially blame it on the struggles I was having with my teenaged daughter. School, I concluded, ruined her. No, she wasn’t really ruined, she was fourteen. I just lacked the parenting experience and wisdom to realize what the problem was and that it was only temporary…


Still, I was certain that I could not allow my baby girl, mommy’s little girl, to go to school. She would be forever ruined.

Thankfully my darling husband calmed my fears assuring me that Jodie would be just fine. Her goodness and sweetness could not be taken away from her not ever. She would always be my baby girl. Lucky for Jodie that her Daddy’s wisdom prevailed and she went off to kindergarten the next day. It was a wonderful beginning for her. Even more wonderful was she was so happy to see me when I picked her up and she couldn’t wait to tell me all about her wonderful first day at school.

We celebrated together…my baby girl and me.

Much too quickly, thirteen years later, she happily DROVE OFF to her first day of school again starting HER SENIOR YEAR and, at the end of her school day, she came home eager to tell me all about her wonderful first day of school.

And we celebrated again together.

I can’t help but be excited for the adventures that will be Jodie’s senior year but I feel like another meltdown will be coming on around the end of May next year…when my baby girl graduates from high school and prepares for for her own adventures…without me.

My darling husband is going to have to talk me down…again.


4 thoughts on “and now 13 years

  1. Yep. Can’t believe all four of mine, have been there and done that. Time flies.

  2. Great memories! I can’t believe our youngest daughter just started high school. I am starting to realize that the next four years are going to fly by.

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