play it again: potential road rage irritation in the nicu

I’m still raw and overwhelmed…as is everyone else in my NICU family. The last 24 hours have been spent sharing tributes personally and all over social media…literally all over the US. It is clear that Dr. JP has left mighty big shoes to fill and that has nothing to do with the fact that she was a very tall woman…so tall that she made me feel kind of petite when I stood next to her. The void left behind in two NICU units here in the Central Valley is huge as it is with our families, because what we do everyday in our workplace certainly binds us as family, are utterly devastated…even more so as recent news is that this was not a tragic accident.

I just can not fathom…

I can only hope and pray answers come soon and the bad guys are soon caught and brought to justice.

Meanwhile I came across an old post I wrote a few years ago recalling a conversation I had with JP; me being Vampira and she the Esteemed Colleague. I am going to miss moments like these so much.

originally posted July 15, 2008

Overheard conversation in the NICU:

Vampira the Nightshift Nurse to Esteemed Colleague regarding extremely critical patient after reviewing current labs and x-rays: It looks like this patient might be turning a corner.

Esteemed Colleague: I’m thinking it’s more like he is turning on his blinker to prepare for the turn.

Vampira the Nightshift Nurse: You might be right. Just as long as he doesn’t leave it on and blinking for miles and miles like the idiot in front of me today on 99 from Ripon to Modesto.


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  1. Sad to say some people do not value life! Hopefully the culprits will be caught and delt with severely! Nice ending to your sad story! It made me smile. 🙂

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