more time to catch up

One thing that absolutely sucks about losing someone close…aside from the fact that they are now gone from your life…is that life goes on. The kids still must go to school, to various activities and do homework. There are still doctor appointments to keep and committee meetings to attend. Work is still there. Our patients still require round the clock intensive care. There are still meals and housework and errands and on and on and on. These things don’t pause for our grief, for our tears and confusion and overwhelming, numbing shock and grief.

It just sucks, you know!

Then I am reminded that I just need to take a deep breath, put on my big girl panties and just do this.

JP used to tell me that…she used to tell everyone working with her in the NICU that. We all have heard her say that in our mind so much this past week. We all have reminded one another of her words the last few days. This evening is the memorial service for JP and Scott and, yeah, I can hear her saying that right about now. And so this morning, I did just that.

It still sucks!

No, one never does get over losing someone whom you care about just as I imagine we will never understand the senseless, soul-less violence that took away JP and Scott scarcely a week ago. Details of their murders are few, very few…not that knowing the why and how would take away the raw pain that we all feel.

It’s going to take time…a lot of time. Thank you for the grace of time, for the prayers and for the hugs.


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