half inch by half inch

So it has been about six weeks since Daniel first started his daily Human Growth Hormone injections.


Any changes?…

Are you wondering?…

Truth be told I have been trying hard not to weigh or measure him. I just don’t want to go back to those days where I obsessed about every single calorie that we would try to stuff him with in order to show some growth…any growth that would put him on the growth curve. Still we could not help but notice changes. Like the fact that literally two or three days after trimming his nails they would need to be trimmed again which was absolutely awesome except for the fact that trimming his nails can often be a dramatic and traumatic event. SPD problems, you know. But if the nails are growing surely the rest of Daniel is growing so that’s a win. We also have noticed that the boy’s appetite has increased. Oh he still remains the pickiest eater on the planet but he lately states that he is hungry and asks what’s for breakfast or lunch or dinner or snack or dessert and he eats. That’s a definite win. And with the increased appetite suddenly Daniel seems thicker. Can that be possible? Giving him a boost the other day I definitely noticed a difference. Suddenly the kid feels heavy…dense…definitely not hollow.

Still I was content to wait for a visit to his doctor to see how he is growing. That came a few days ago with the annual checkup with his pediatrician. Since starting HGH therapy six weeks ago, Daniel has gained 2 pounds and has grown ½ an inch. It only took him nearly two years to grow the previous ½ inch so…yeah…

Hurray for human growth hormones!


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  1. 🙂 happiness come in small doses! Happy for Daniel and for you! Love this picture!

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