sharing is caring

Mmmm…GRAPES! I found some yummy grapes in Mima’s refrigerator.

Want some?


That’s okay. More for Auntie Abby.



3 thoughts on “sharing is caring

  1. These pictures warmed my heart on an annoying morning; thank you. Fallon is adorable!

    • aw! You are welcome Kim! And may I tell you that your comments always come at a time when I desperately need to smile. I read your comment and I am reminded how quick you always were with a smile that one can’t help but return. Thank you!

      • Wow; thank you. Those are some of the kindest words I’ve heard all day. I read your “living still” post before I read this reply, and I teared up reading how you’re feeling. And then I was humbled and reminded of how very petty my annoyances and frustrations have been this week; there are so many bigger things going on in the world. My thoughts and prayers truly are with you and your colleagues; I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this is.

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