don’t, just don’t

You tell me ALL the time how you adore my child. You do. All the time. You admire his kindness, his good manners, how hard he works. You tell me any chance you get how lucky I am to have such an amazing child and I believe you. You are right. He is an amazing child and I am damn lucky to have him. He is kind. He is gentle. His manners are something most adults I know need to try to model. He is a very hard worker. Last year he was the hardest working kid in his school’s 4th grade. No, perhaps not the smartest, most intellectually gifted but brains isn’t everything. Then again you don’t need to be intellectually gifted to be smart.

Most folks get that. Smart folks just like you. So why do you go and say something so dumb like being a little on the Special Ed side joking about your own personal moments of brilliant stupidity?



What the Hell?

Moments of brilliant stupidity…we all have them. Hell, I am likely to be the Duchess of Brilliant Stupidity. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Own it.

Flaunt it even.

I know I do.

But I would never presume to compare myself to someone like my child during my own moments of stupid because he is so much smarter than my stupidity…and yours. He might be in Special Ed. He might struggle over words on the page trying to sound them out…trying to comprehend but trust me, he is no dummy.

Not at all.

So you did or said something stupid. Don’t presume to compare your personal stupidity to a child like my son…that kid you adore…admire.


Just don’t.


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